What is a CBD affiliate network?

CBD affiliate network scheme
CBD affiliate network: how it works

What is a CBD affiliate network and how is it different from a CBD affiliate program?

The number of CBD affiliate programs is growing along with the CBD market growth. CBD businesses explore their digital advertising options and find great potential in building their own affiliate programs as a fair attempt to increase their sales by rewarding affiliates with commission. This way, people sign up to become an affiliate to a certain CBD company because they trust it or because they believe that this particular affiliate program offers the best conditions to its affiliate partners.

CBD affiliate network, on the other side, is a digital marketing platform that creates a framework for CBD businesses and affiliates to meet each other. For CBD brands, an affiliate network is kind of a marketplace to make their products available to an affiliate community. For CBD publishers it’s a tool to send their traffic to different CBD brands, compare conversion rate and pick what works best for them.

I have a CBD business. Why partner with an affiliate network?

As a consequence of restrictions that CBD industry faces with search engines and social media paid ads, affiliate marketing turns out to be one of the most advantageous strategies to boost sales and build brand awareness for a CBD business. Affiliate marketing for CBD is an attractive digital strategy because of its fairness: sellers only pay commission when they get an actual sale.

Option 1: launch your own affiliate program

Most of the larger CBD brands run their own affiliate programs and thus jump in another battlefield (and not an easy one): competing for affiliates. Launching and managing a dedicated affiliate program requires a lot of effort from a CBD company: you have to choose a platform and pay subscription fee, hire and train management team and always compare your profit from affiliate recruitment against the expenses to maintain your dedicated CBD affiliate program.

Option 2: outsource affiliates recruitment

Joining a CBD affiliate network, on the contrary, does not come with any extra expenses. You’ll need to go through the tech integration process. After that, you’ll need to provide the network with creatives and promo tools like discount codes / seasonal promotions. The main benefit it that there’s no entry fee to get access to the affiliate traffic inventory. You’ll still be competing for the affiliates within the affiliate network. For that reason, you have to discuss with the affiliate network management whether providing higher commission or benefits like commission on an upsell from customer and giving out promo codes will have influence on the amount of traffic and sales. Running a proprietary affiliate program for your CBD business does not contradict partnering with an affiliate network either: as there’s no investment needed, by joining a CBD affiliate network you get an extra channel of sales generation.

Note: Be aware that running an affiliate program or joining an affiliate network comes with a higher risk of card fraud from people who would want to use stolen card data to earn commission. Make sure you use protective tools like AVS, BIN check, velocity check, 3D-Secure to eliminate possibility of card fraud for your CBD business.

Generating profit with affiliate marketing
Making money as a CBD affiliate

I want to make money as a CBD affiliate. Why join a CBD affiliate network?

CBD market growth velocity is outstanding, and it’s only natural to use CBD affiliate programs as a source of passive income. CBD is a highly popular product (and it’s gaining more and more popularity every day) and it’s quite expensive, which means high commissions for CBD affiliate programs participants.

How to choose a CBD affiliate program to join?

How to choose from a variety of CBD affiliate programs which ones to join? You may choose one affiliate program of a reputable CBD brand and stay loyal to it, or join a whole bunch of CBD affiliate programs with intention to generate more revenue and compare conversion rate. Every time you register to a new affiliate program, you’ll have to pass approval process to access affiliate tools. Some affiliate programs only accept affiliates under condition of making a personal purchase, so you can’t be their affiliate unless you buy their product; well, that’s just ridiculous.

Joining a CBD affiliate network: why?

As an alternative to joining various CBD affiliate programs, you can join a CBD affiliate network with offers from different CBD brands under one roof. This way, once you get approved as a publisher, you get to test your traffic performance on various CBD campaigns, compare results and optimise your inventory accordingly.

Competitive commissions

Larger brands are easier to sell as they already have customer trust, but they often offer lower commissions. This is especially the case when your traffic and sales volume is moderate. A CBD affiliate network can be useful in such situation. When commission of an affiliate program depends on the sales volume, sending traffic through an affiliate network may get you higher CPS (cost-per-sale) commission than joining that same brand affiliate program directly. Here’s why: the network acquires traffic from its affiliates and its cumulative sales volume is much greater than a single affiliate can provide, and hence the network can negotiate a higher commission rate.

All revenue in one place

Getting regular payments from a single affiliate network instead of getting them out of different affiliate programs (that may have different payment terms and payment methods), can also make your affiliate life easier. Moreover, running larger traffic volume through one network rather than through various affiliate programs can get you faster payment terms in the first place. Affiliate networks tend to encourage their high volume partners by offering exclusive payment terms and higher revenue share.

Smart affiliate tools

And last but not least, joining CBD affiliate network as a publisher is advantageous because of their effort to provide their partners with an extensive toolset to help them maximise their revenue. For a CBD business running a dedicated affiliate program is always kind of a side project run by the marketing department. Their main product is the CBD itself and the store. For a CBD affiliate network, on the contrary, their main and most important product is their platform. Therefore, most affiliate programs are represented by a whitelabel of an existing software. A CBD affiliate network may prefer to develop in-house platform to cover the needs and specifics of the CBD niche.


The purpose of a CBD affiliate network is to build an infrastructure that really helps CBD publishers. It’s in the best interest of the network to help their affiliates generate as many conversions as possible and monetise their CBD traffic effectively. Essentially, this is what will drive more affiliates and more revenue to the network. An affiliate network is always engaged in helping you profit from CBD affiliate marketing. An educated affiliate support team will always listen to the affiliates and react to their needs. So here’s the main advice – choose a network that will respect you and appreciate your feedback.

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