Ways to monetize your health and wellness blog

In accordance with a V12 research, in 2019 Americans spent to $276.5 billion on healthy food and nutrition. The decade market growth is 108%. It means there could be no better timing to start earning with your health and wellness blog!

As already stated in our article about monetizing a CBD blog, the most popular ways of blogs monetization are ad networks and affiliate marketing. However, they are not the only ones. Check out the following tips and make your blogging hobby profitable!

Creating a standout health and wellness blog

The essential point is that your blog has to stand out and attract people: you can’t make money with a blog that has no audience. What makes a blog unique? One may think of a design. Naturally, it can make your blog a recognizable, but content is still king. Nothing is as important as your content quality.

  1. Be an expert.
    We tend to feel like we know a lot about the things we love. Nevertheless, there is always something new to know. Attend free of paid course (beware of fake experts!), read books and new researches on health and wellness and always ask yourself if your information source is reliable. Some of the good and bad examples are presented in this article by Leesa Klich, a blogging expert.
  2. Be close to your audience.
    People love blogs for being personal. Reading a blog makes us feel like enjoying a close talk with a blogger. As far as you stay honest and share your personal experience (both positive and negative), your thoughts and doubts, you will remain a friend to your readers.
  3. Follow and create trends.
    Stay up-to-date and prick up your ears. May there be a new bill discussed in the Parliaments, or a new recipe posted by an influencer – any of this can become a trend. By the way, CBD is a trend all over the world today, as confirmed by Naughtynutrition. You can easily make money with a health and wellness blog, if you promote CBD products with CBD Partners affiliate links. As for creating and predicting trends, it takes a lot of time, but as soon as you become a real expert in the wellness niche, you will be able to do it.
  4. Cooperate and network.
    Cooperate with other health bloggers, meet with them, make some projects: it is not only interesting activity and a chance to change experience, but also a great instrument of showing yourself and attracting new audience.

Health and wellness blog monetization with Google Adwords

Ad networks seem the most common and easiest ways of making money for bloggers. There are so many of them, but only a handful of those provide you with quality relevant ads. Google Adwords is the leader here, with its widgets, useful tools and generally high quality of ads. However, Google Adsense blog monetization is not as profitable and universal as it seems at first glance. As a Copyhackers research reveals, one can make money from blogging with Adsense only having over 100,000 views a month, and even in this case it won’t be the best way.

Why Google Adsense blog monetization should not be your main focus.

  1. First of all, ads steal your readers’ attention.
    What every blogger tries to do is capture the readers’ attention, make them stay and come back for more. Banners, sidebars, text links – even those carefully placed between content blocks – made to catch the eyes of your audience and make them click the ads. What happens next? You are losing a reader.
  2. Second, ads are not profitable.
    As counted by Smartblogger, a 1,000-visitors-per-day blog earns as much as $0.50 a day. This happens due to low click-through-rate (CTR), which is about 0.1% in general. People are used to ignoring ads. Moreover, Globalwebindex reported in 2019 that about 47% of people over the Net use Adblockers, and one of the main reasons named were irritating ads.
  3. Third, using ads mixes up your plans.
    Bloggers usually know what they want users to do after reading a piece of content: either comment, or sign up to a newsletter, or share it on social networks. Overview your plans if you believe they are worth those $0.50 a day of your blog monetization with Adsense.

Consulting as a way to make money from health and wellness blog

Coaching is one of the ways of making money with a health and wellness blog
Coaching is one of the ways of making money with a health and wellness blog

If you followed our instruction in the first part of the article, then you are an expert in your niche – or doing your best to become one. Health and wellness are really specific, and once you caught the audience attention, you will soon begin to receive questions. Your competent knowledge and experience cost money – and this is where you should earn. Nagina Adbullah, a blogger and expert in losing weight, makes 100k a year from consulting.

Whether you are a fitness blogger, or tell about healthy nutrition, people believe that personal advice is better than general – and they are right! As a coach/consultant making money from a blog, you can:

  • give personal advice via email, phone or Skype
  • arrange meetings/masterclasses, both personal and group
  • sell books, videos, e-books on a problem you are an expert in.

At the same time, you should not overestimate your knowledge. Your advice has to stay in the borders of your specialization: never give medical consultations, if you are not a doctor!

Affiliate marketing for health and wellness blogger

Affiliate marketing is the most common and one of the most profitable ways of monetization a health and wellness blog. Here you receive a commission for every purchase made via your personal (affiliate) link. As BloggingX predicts, this year the affiliate marketing in the U.S. is to reach $6.8. It is a great alternative to ad networks:

  • Prettily presented, affiliate posts don’t irritate readers.
  • Depending on the product promoted, you can earn from several cents to hundreds of dollars commission – from only one sale.
  • There are so many ways of presenting affiliate links to the audience, that you will be able to roll them out with no negative effect on the content plan.

Important! In the U.S. you have to warn your readers when posting affiliate links in your blog.

How to start monetizing your health and wellness blog with affiliate links?

  1. Before all else, learn the difference between an affiliate network and an affiliate program.
    Usually, affiliate program means that you promote one particular brand or shop, and affiliate network lets you choose between various products and brands – and collect all payouts from one place. You can read more about affiliate programs and networks here to decide what suits you best, but generally it is more useful to join a network.
  2. Next, choose the most appropriate affiliate networks and/or programs you want to join.
    There are tons of products that you can promote as a health and wellness blogger – and an affiliate marker. Therefore, there are dozens of affiliate programs and networks to join. Some the most popular ones are Amazon affiliate program, Clickbank, Shareasale.
  3. Afterwards, pick the right product
    Remember that you should follow trends – and create them. The really trendy niche today is CBD – a non-addictive, no drug component of a hemp plant. Recently the Motley Fool reported a year-over-year CBD product sales growth in the United States of 706%! Nonetheless, you will not find CBD products for affiliate promotion on Amazon and very few of them on Clickbank. If you intend to make money from advertising affiliate CBD products, you should join a niche affiliate network – CBD Partners being one of it.

Stay tuned to learn about CBD affiliate products you should promote to make money with a health and wellness blog.

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