Types of CBD Affiliates and how to become one

Types of CBD Affiliates
CBD affiliates types

If you wonder, if there is a way for you to become a CBD affiliate, this article is for you. As CBD-containing products become more and more popular because of their alleged effects, many of you may aspire to make money on the trend. But what if you don’t produce or sell CBD yourself? Say no more, here is your comprehensive lists of the ways people make money in the CBD niche online even without your own shop.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to go for those who don’t run their own brand. There are several types of online affiliates who could profit from adding CBD products to their advertising portfolio. Check out this list and find out if you too could earn some cash by promoting CBD!

Media Buyer

Media buyer in general sense is a marketing specialist who searches for venues to show the advertisements to the audience. If you have experience with acquiring themed traffic and establishing online ad campaigns, CBD market could be a great place for you to monetize your skills. Knowing ins and outs of advertising platforms and campaign settings will come in handy if you want to turn profits. Additionally there is a specific set of rules when it comes to advertising CBD products: not all networks and platforms allow advertising CBD as of May 2020. If you would like to find out more about some of the restrictions on popular platforms, check out one of our posts about best marketing practices.

The best thing about being a media buyer is flexibility – you don’t have to build your own web assets and you can start promo campaigns right away. One thing you will need is a budget. And if you want to make the best of your investment you will have to be very pragmatic and careful when spending your money on traffic. 

CBD Content creator

If you have a website or a blog dedicated to all things CBD, you are in the perfect spot to be a CBD affiliate! Not only is testing and reviewing CBD products a way to generate interesting content for your audience, but also a chance to get brand deals and sponsorships. If you are good at photography, storytelling or video editing, consider creating a blog or a vlog you could monetise with affiliate links or promo codes from the CBD advertisers. You can partner with the brands directly or via networks or agencies. Of course creating interesting content takes a lot of effort and the creator usually has to be well established in their niche to start receiving sponsor deals

Social media influencer

No matter if you just have lots of friends or specifically gather a large audience as your primary job, if you have a social media presence, you can monetize it! A large audience on facebook, instagram or any other social network is a great platform to share with your friends and followers the products you like and get a share if your pitch brings in the sales. As like a content creator, you can partner directly with brands or work through an affiliate network. All that matters is that you choose reliable brands that won’t disappoint your audience, because trust is one of the most valuable assets of an influencer. And even if you don’t have hundreds of thousands of subscribers (yet), there is a large market for micro-influencers. Brands value an intimate connection a smaller blogger might have with their audience and usually are willing to collaborate and send samples for a review.

Affiliate network

If you are not yourself any of the above types of an affiliate, but still would like to act as a middle man and organize advertising campaigns for CBD brands, why not build your own affiliate network? Of course it’s a big deal to establish such a project: you will have to handle not only the promotion itself, build the relations with your sub-affiliates and the merchandisers, payments and many more.

Better yet, become an affiliate with an existing network (or a couple of them) and use all the perks! Moreovers, sometimes affiliate networks offer better terms for the campaigns.

Registering as an affiliate with a network is one of the fastest ways to start earning money and learn more about online marketing.
At CBD partners affiliate network we offer support and help with starting the most profitable ad campaigns to our affiliates. Sign up today and start earning money as an affiliate, no matter if you are a media buyer, an influencer or a site owner, or even a network. We are here to offer you the campaigns from the best brands on the market!

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