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Advertising CBD on Facebook tips and strategies 0

Can you advertise CBD on Facebook?

When it comes to choosing the best traffic source for you CBD offers advertising, Facebook seems to be the perfect one. Above all, it is the most popular social network with 3 billion active users worldwide. However, there are questions affiliate marketers usually ask.  Is CBD allowed on Facebook? Can...


CBD Pre-lander: improve your performance

Every affiliate marketer is looking for a way to improve performance. Pre-lander is one of the tools that can boost your campaign’s conversion ratio. Most of CBD Partners offers will redirect clicks to CBD shops or product pages. If your traffic is not highly targeted, there a small chance that...

CBD Advertising Research 0

CBD: Target Audience Research

In our previous articles we have established that the CBD market has a huge growing potential and the target audience is still growing. This time we would like to focus on researching the target audience to help our publishers to target their ads more effectively. Who buys CBD? Recent CBD...