How to use Smartlink for CBD affiliate marketing

CBD Partners affiliate network smartlink: how to use it?

Every day dozens of people try affiliate marketing. Every day dozens of people quit affiliate marketing. They try it, they fail, they quit.
Why is it happening? The main reason is that most of them do not fully understand that it’s a serious business that needs time and effort to succeed in. When starting a CBD affiliate marketing journey, you need to care about so many important things: test different offers and angles, analyze statistics, and all the data you are new to.
Smartlink is a great tool to advertise CBD brands in much easier and more profitable way.

How does it work?
In our CBD affiliate network Smartlink works as a Traffic distribution system (TDS). Its algorithm consists of three main tasks.

  1. Getting to know every single click you send to our CBD campaigns.
    Smartlink is able to recognize all essential parameters of traffic, like location, device, operating system, and connection type.
  2. Learning which offers in our CBD affiliate network convert better.
    Our system gets updated regularly, and only top performing offers are allowed in Smartlink. We care about your traffic, and Smartlink does its best for campaigns to be as profitable as they can.
  3. Sending your traffic to the best of the most appropriate offers.
    Smartlink is so smart that it can easily combine the data it receives on the first step with the information it gets with our statistic updates. As a result, there appears a higher probability for your click to get converted with one of the top CBD brands.

When do I need a Smartlink?

There are three main reasons for working with Smartlink: mixed GEO traffic, testing several offers at once, testing a particular category. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

Whatever traffic source you have, there is a good chance that you will see clicks coming from different countries. At the same time, most of CBD offers in our network are one-GEO only. In order to prevent clicks loss and convert as many of them as possible, you can use the TDS.

What if you were browsing our network and felt a sudden attraction to two or three, or even five offers? No need to make a difficult choice. Add as many of them as you want to the Smartlink and start working! Stats report shows the amount of clicks and conversions per each offer, so you will be able to pick cannabidioil brands showing the best conversion rate and exclude losers from the Smartlink.

If your traffic source belongs to a narrow niche, you must be interested in promoting relative products only. CBD Smartlink helps here as well. All you need to do is choosing your category. As a result, you will have a Smartlink containing only offers that your audience is interested in.

How can I create a Smartlink?

First, log in your CBD partners account. Find TDS in the upper line. When a new page opens, click ‘Create new smartlink’. Now you can add preferred categories and offers (brands) to your Smartlink. Don’t forget to fill in Fallback URL, especially if you are going to use mixed GEOs traffic for your campaign. It will send clicks from countries that your Smartlink cannot monetize to any URL you like.

Smartlink with exclusive cannabidioild brands at CBD Partners affiliate network.
Сreating a Smartlink

Now you see that Smartlink saves your time money, money, and effort. Start using it today and become one of successful affiliate marketers!

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