SEO tips for CBD promotion

SEO tips for CBD affiliate campaign

SEO campaign is one of the ways to promote CBD affiliate offers. Our tips will help to improve your CBD promo campaign performance. With our SEO tips you will learn how to get higher search results position of your affiliate CBD webpage, get better campaign performance, improve your CTR and start earning more. We are also going to optimize your visual content, so that it will bring you more attention.

Footer links optimization

  1. Add more relevant and descriptive information to the footer. 
  2. Let there be calls-to-cation, so that footer links become more clickable. 
  3. Include internal links to other posts or pages that form your cornerstone content. 
  4. Do not use too much text trying to add as many keywords as possible. Search engines will not like it.

Footer optimization can attract more audience to your website. How to do it? 

CTR optimization

CTR, or click-through rate shows how many users chose your affiliate website among other results. The higher your CTR is, the higher gets your rank. How to make your link more attractive and increase CTR?

  • Use long-tail keywords.
  • Choose a relevant, attractive meta description with your main keywords.
  • Page title should contain your keywords but should not be too long.
  • Add your main keywords in URL to make them more relevant and descriptive. 

Images with ALT text

Another tip on SEO promotion of CBD campaign is adding ALT TEXT, or alternative text, to an HTML document. It is an attribute that describes an image or its key features. 

Why add alt text?

  1. It improves your CBD webpage accessibility: those users who prefer texts to images can better understand your intentions.
  2. If your image cannot be loaded for some reason, users will still see this text.
  3. Search engines index and display your image to users in accordance with alt text.

How to add alt text?

Most of website building services, including WordPress, enable you to add alt text by simply editing an image. The text will be automatically imported into the page code. It is also possible to add alt text directly into HTML code. 

Alt text should contain your CBD affiliate website keywords and be as descriptive as possible, but make sure to use only most relevant ones. 

Featured snippets

CBD offers promotion: featured snippet

Featured snippet is a search result that appears above usual ranked results. It can answer a question user asked without clicking website page. 
While promoting a CBD campaign, it is possible to use featured snippets to interest users. As HubSpot research states, featured snippets can double your click rate. Being shown before the highest results,  featured snippets can attract  more attention. That’s why they are so effective.
If you decide to use this instrument, first of all, choose a snippet type. 

  1. Paragraph snippet
    The most appropriate text for a paragraph snippet is a brief description or definition. For example, it can be a definition of CBD. 
  2. List snippet
    On this spot you need a short introduction, then a bulleted or numbered list of anything. If it longer, users will click to see it in full. 
    For a CBD campaign, it can be, say, a list of positive effects of cannabidiol. 
  3. Table snippet
    For this snippet, you need a part of an HTML table with a brief descriptive introduction.

After you selected one, start optimizing your content. You should not only watch keywords, but also focus your content on questions. One post may contain several of corresponding ones, just remember about text structure.

Infographics and Videos

People today prefer visible information. Infographics and videos can help you to catch their eye. They easily become viral and bring you backlinks. Just make sure they are unique, informative and look pleasant. 

  • Unique design and Quality
    You may use free tools, like Canvas for infographics, or hire professionals so that your visual content looks better. 
  • Valuable information
    Do not copy data that everybody knows already. Come up with something new, collect new information or systemize something that haven’t been systemized yet. 
  • Easy to share
    Make your information easy to share with social media buttons. Promote your infographics not only on the main website, but also on social media. 

Followed accurately, these tips will increase your CBD affiliate campaign performance. If you are looking for other advertising techniques relevant in 2020, check out this blog post

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