Profit from CBD Affiliate Marketing Today

Profit from CBD Affiliate Marketing Today

Making Money as a CBD Affiliate in 2020

The CBD market is growing rapidly, which also means the competition for manufacturers gets tougher. There is a growing need for marketers who would make the products stand out and be noticeable. Creating a loyal customer base and notoriety is crucial for growing a CBD brand, so more and more companies turn to online advertising, including Affiliate Marketing, to boost the sales of their CBD products. If you’d like to profit from CBD Affiliate Marketing, we advise you to keep an eye on current trends and marketing tactics. Here are some of the top ways to generate sales in the CBD niche.

Ways to Generate Leads in CBD Niche

Email Marketing

One of the oldest marketing tools is still relevant and is not to be overlooked today. The recent report shows that the numbers of email users in the US are still steadily rising. If applied correctly, email marketing might produce stable and tangible results. Obtaining a base of relevant email addresses might seem like a big task, but thankfully online shoppers tend do subscribe to the favorite retailers’ newsletters not to miss a sale or a promo. Incentivising potential customers with high-value information on topics of health, wellness and longevity is a great way to build a loyal audience. In combination with other methods such as blogs, microblogs and thematic websites email marketing can be a strong tool for finding new customers and getting old customers to return to the merchant’s website for additional purchases.

Social Networks

Using social networks is a big part of many people’s daily lives. According to this report there are 3.5 billion social media users every day. Isn’t it a great chance to find your leads? With low initial costs there are seemingly unbounded opportunities for social media marketing… except for a shaky position that CBD now holds in terms of legality. We have touched on the subject of the allowed social media marketing tactics in one of our previous posts. We advice to learn about the specifics of networks you would like to advertise in and follow the terms not to get suspended. 

While official CBD ad campaigns in social networks might still be a thing of the future, social media influencers are there to help you spread the word about your product. Getting sponsored posts in popular channels is a great way to drive traffic to the wellness and health products such as CBD.

In the time of social media it’s easier than ever to generate income with CBD Affiliate Marketing on the sites like Instagram and Facebook if you know the right tactics and methods. We will share our insights in further articles.

Blogs and Reviews

When it comes to blogs and articles on websites, content is the king. There is so much information internet users need to vet through each day it’s too easy to get lost in the content noise. Making sure your blog or website stands out and adds real value is the key to success. Investing into content is necessary to become one of successful CBD marketers and start earning money.

One of our previous articles tells in detail about the best CBD Marketing practices.

One of the easiest ways to generate meaningful content is creating a blog dedicated to CBD products and accessories and reviewing the products to inform potential customers about their benefits and convert the interested audience into leads. This of course needs some research and media production. Video reviews are very popular and can be a great way to attract customers. Great news is you don’t even need to produce your own content because there’s a possibility to partner with bloggers and creators who already have an audience and would like to monetize it.

Is Affiliate Marketing Free Money?

The CBD boom is here and it doesn’t seem to die down any time soon. If you want to profit from the growing CBD market but aren’t ready to launch your own full blown business of producing or selling CBD oils, edibles or beauty products, you can put your effort into marketing the existing products and make money as an Affiliate. One might say that it’s a safe bet and you don’t need any special knowledge to attract online leads and get commissions from sales, but that’s not exactly the case. Even though initial investments in terms of money might be close to zero and an Affiliate isn’t risking any substantial capital as a producer or seller would, it doesn’t mean anyone can succeed at the marketing game and profit from CBD Affiliate Marketing right from the start without any effort. 

As in every lucrative field there are trustworthy companies and there are scammers who are out to get you and your money. Typically if you’re being lured in by some company with the promise of quick and easy money it is a reason to doubt their purpose: if it’s so easy, why don’t they do it themselves? Before jumping into the newest scheme you see on the Internet, ask yourself: does it sound too good to be true? If the answer is yes, think (or better count) twice and consult some independent source in the industry to check the claims.

Being an Affiliate only pays if you are doing everything right and it is a way to generate the passive income over time, not in your first day of work, so be prepared to put in some effort and time, do lots of research and networking and testing before it all starts working for you.

If you’re not yet one of our affiliates, register at CBD partners to get access to exclusive in-house and best third party offers to start your CBD marketing journey. Become one of successful CBD marketers with us and profit from CBD Affiliate Marketing!

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