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CBD Partners Affiliate Network is constantly growing and developing. Adding popular and emerging brands to our offer portfolio is a great way to make sure we offer variety of products to promote to our publishers. In this article we will tell you a bit about the campaigns that have been added recently. To access these offers and other great campaigns visit and if you don’t have an account, complete the simply sign up process here.


MaxCBD CBD Partners Affiliate Network
MaxCBD CBD Partners Affiliate Network

MaxCBD offers top quality CBD products: proprietary extraction process ensures the preservation of nearly all beneficial hemp derived cannabinoids and terpenes while allowing us to eliminate unwanted compounds. All of MaxCBD products are extracted using the purest, cleanest and most natural CBD extraction methods. 

All of MaxCBD products are manufactured in the USA under strict guidelines using 100% organic farming practices. MaxCBD facilities stand in the most restricted quality standards according to the USA law. The end result is quite simply the highest quality broad spectrum hemp derived oil that contains no solvents, no heavy metals, and no pesticides.

MaxCBD Offer info:

CannaMojo – CBD for Men

CannaMojo CBD Partners Affiliate Network
CannaMojo CBD Partners Affiliate Network

CannaMojo CBD, the first cannabis infused sexual enhancement product for men,  comes in capsule form and integrates 25mg of isolate hemp CBD with an all-natural, proprietary mojo blend.

A single CannaMojo capsule increases longevity and rigidity by increasing blood flow to the phallus region. Scientifically proven natural aphrodisiacs such as Maca, Ginseng and other comprise CannaMojo’s core.

CannaMojo Offer info:


CBDMedic CBD Partners Affiliate Network
CBDMedic CBD Partners Affiliate Network

CBDMedic offers FDA registered, THC-Free CBD products to customers searching for the highest quality, natural and safe CBD. Brand’s main focus is on topical pain relief and skincare products. A powerful combination of ingredients provide highly effective, natural relief for arthritis, everyday aches and pain, and occasional pulled muscles. Highly effective skin treatments that combine natural emollients, active pharmaceutical ingredients and THC-free hemp extract.

CBDMedic Offer info:

CBD Pure

CBD Pure CBD Partners Affiliate Network
CBD Pure CBD Partners Affiliate Network

CBD Pure oils are made with non-GMO hemp, grown in Colorado by local farmers. CBD Pure hemp oil is minimally processed by following the highest organic standards at every step of our growing, harvesting, and bottling process. When you buy a CBD Pure product, you are buying the purest CBD oil from natural sources, that is 100% free of any synthetic or artificial ingredients. Every batch of oil that we process is tested to ensure that it meets the purity standards with 3-rd party test-provides.

CBD Pure Offer info:

RVIV Organics

Rviv Organics CBD Partners Affiliate Network
Rviv Organics CBD Partners Affiliate Network

RVIV Organics (Pronounced ‘Revive Organics’) focuses on anti-aging and haircare products, as well as general wellness solutions. The brand offers CBD skincare products that provide an optimum balance of essential fatty acids and omega 3 to the skin. They also provide Vitamin E, Behenic acid, which hydrates the skin. Cannabinoids are important for the maintenance of a healthy functioning endocannabinoid system. Natural CBD skin care products like CBD skin creams, CBD skin balms, CBD butter, and CBD facial creams keep this important system operating in a normal, healthy manner, resisting abnormal cellular changes which lead to redness, pimples, oiliness, and dryness.

RVIV Organics Offer info:

You can find all these offers and more in our Network. If you need promo materials or recommendations, contact us and we will provide you with banners and all necessary promo tools to run the campaigns successfully.

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