Making money with CBD Blog

If you run a CBD blog, you must have already thought about how to monetize it.

There are various ways of making money with the CBD blog, but all they have one important condition: you need traffic. With an interested, active audience that shares your passion, it will not be difficult to turn your CBD blog into a firm source of money. Not long ago, the only effective method of monetizing a blog was AdSense. Today it is still popular, but not as effective as others. Focus on the most profitable ways of CBD blog monetization, and there is a big chance that a hobby will soon become your new job.

The most popular ways of CBD blog monetization are ad networks and affiliate marketing. Actually, the same goes for all kinds of blogs. According to the Growbager survey, 33% of bloggers who monetize their blogs, use Adsense, which is an ad network, and 26% of them join affiliate programs and networks.

Methods of blog monetization

Monetise CBD blog with Ad networks

An ad network is a platform that works as a middle-man between numerous advertisers and traffic providers. Typically, you sell there your CBD blog traffic on terms of CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per a thousand impressions).


  • It is easy to start monetizing your CBD blog with ad networks. Even being a newcomer, never making money from a CBD blog before, one can try it.
  • There are ad networks with no requirements for a minimum traffic amount. This means, even a new, not yet popular CBD blog can be monetized.


  • Bigger ad networks frequently have requirements for a minimum traffic amount.
  • Ad networks usually pay low.
  • Today nearly 47% percent of Internet surfers use ad blocks. Hence, about half of your audience will stay unmonetized.
  • Some ad networks have an approval process, which is not always easy to pass.
  • Sometimes the ads can be of poor quality and not attractive to your audience.

The most popular ad network is Google Adsense, and it seems natural to undertake it. However, for CBD blog monetization Adsense is no good. Google policy strictly prohibits it.
Nevertheless, Adsense is not the only option here. If you still want to make money with your CBD blog, there are plenty of other ad networks to choose from. Here are some of them:

  1. Outbrain
  2. Mantis
  3. Popads

Whatever ad network you choose, make sure to check if they allow CBD blogs before you place yours.

CBD blog: earning with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the second popular method of CBD blog monetization. It is represented by affiliate programs and affiliate networks.

Affiliate programs are usually run by CBD shops that encourage customers to attract new consumers. An affiliate network is an intermediary between a seller and affiliate marketers. We have already discussed the difference between networks and programs in the blog post CBD Affiliate Network vs CBD Affiliate Program.


  • You can promote affiliate products with various ad types: reviews, recommendations, banners, text ads.
  • Rewards in affiliate marketing are much higher than those of ad networks.
  • If you use affiliate links to make money with CBD blog posts, they will never be hidden by adblockers.
  • Unlike ad networks, affiliate networks and programs allow you to choose the product you will promote.


  • A newbie can find it difficult to start an affiliate marketing campaign. Still, any affiliate network has a support team to help you get started.
  • While ad networks normally share plugins to add to your CBD blog and start earning money right away, affiliate networks not always have automatized monetization tools.

Some of the affiliate marketing platforms to join today are:

  1. CBD Partners
  2. Share A Sale
  3. Revoffers.

Important! Amazon, with one of the most popular affiliate programs, forbids CBD products placement. That means, you will not be able to monetize a CBD blog with the Amazon affiliate program.

Sponsored content

If you managed to establish your CBD blog audience, cannabidiol brand will probably get interested in cooperating with you. Sponsored content can be either a general post, where you mention some brand as a sponsor, or a paid review (do not mix with free reviews), where you point out the good sides of a product.


  • Sponsored posts and reviews are usually well paid.
  • Sometimes, you get a free product sample in addition to a reward.


  • If you want brands to notice your CBD blog, you need to have an interested audience and a flawless design.
  • You have to search for potential services and offer them a collaboration with your CBD blog.
  • Your CBD blog statistics should always be up-to-date and ready to share. The best way is to make a media kit.

Selling e-books

As an expert in CBD and having high writing skills, you can create and sell digital content. E-book is easy to sell and promote. Join marketplaces to reach a wider audience. This CBD blog monetization method of perfect to combine with others: although it doesn’t overwhelm your blog with ads, it still widens your making money opportunities.

Can you even monetize a CBD blog?

As reveals a Growthbadger survey, only 47% of bloggers monetize their blogs. There is no particular reason for that: if you have a blog, if you like what you do, why don’t you try to join those who consider blogging as their full-time job? There are only 4 factors for successful blogging.

  1. Passion.
    Have a passion for CBD, hemp, medical marijuana, and related subjects? Your friends and family members consider you as an expert? Like to learn new things about CBD products? If you answered yes to all three questions, there is a high chance that you can earn money with a CBD blog.
  2.  Trend.
    CBD, having all the best from hemp and at the same time, being legal, is definitely today’s trend. If you have chosen it as your blog’s main subject, then you are already on the trend.
  3. Competition.
    If you make some research and look around, you will notice that there are not many CBD blogs online. Most of the blog posts on hemp oil appear in lifestyle blogs. Therefore, the CBD niche is open for newcomers. Join it and make money with your CBD blog!
  4. Monetization.
    Is it easy to monetize your blog? If you have read the text above, you already know at least four ways of CBD blog monetization. Surely, it is worth trying!

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