How to start making money being a CBD influencer?

Unlike usual bloggers, CBD influencers see making money as the main aim of their online activity. Social media followers form an interested and involved audience trusting their opinion, and this audience is ready to listen to their advice. The question is how to monetize followers.

In this post you will learn about three main ways of making money being a CBD influencer, but it will also be useful for health and wellness bloggers willing to write about CBD products.

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When an influencer manages to build the audience wide enough, there is a big chance that CBD brands will begin to offer cooperation. Nevertheless, it’s no use at sitting and waiting for one of the bigger brands. It’s better to be pro-active and contact them first. Surprisingly, lots of smaller brands are looking for promotion on social networks and are open for collaborations. Some of them will just send product samples for reviews. Others are ready to pay – and this is a point to start making money being a CBD influencer.


  • Direct rewards from product providers.
  • Free products samples provided by CBD brands.


  • Bigger brands will only work with influencers having thousands of followers.
  • Some brands are not ready to pay money to CBD influencers.
  • All rewards are one-time; there is a need to constantly look for new sponsors.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing remains the most popular way of making money being a CBD influencer or blogger. Joining an affiliate program or network, one can start promoting CBD brands and products of their own choice. Every time someone makes a purchase using the affiliate link, influencer gets a reward, normally 10% to 35% of the sale amount. For example, CBD Partners affiliates earn up to 38%.


  • Affiliate marketing is a universal method of making money being a CBD influencer – it is perfect even for a beginner.
  • Influencers get paid as many times as someone uses their affiliate link to buy a CBD product.
  • Affiliate networks enable CBD influencers and bloggers to choose between dozens of different brands and products.


  • It may seem tricky to start an affiliate campaign; however, there is always a support team to help.
  • Working with an affiliate network, CBD influencers get rewarded by the network, not by the brands promoted.

Selling digital products

Selling e-books about hemp can be a way of making money being a CBD influencer
Selling e-books about hemp can be a way of making money being a CBD influencer

The third method of making money being a CBD influencer is selling digital products. The most popular ones are:

  • E-books on CBD, hemp industry, cannabis and related subjects.
  • E-books and paid courses on how to become a CBD influencer.
  • Personal consultations, e.g. on choosing the best product or dosage.

Promotion methods

  1. Product recommendation.
    When recommending some CBD products, influencers highlight positive features and share their personal experience.
  2. Product review.
    It can be represented in a form of unpacking and testing. Review may be also made from the point of an influencer’s experience. But unlike recommendation, it contains both advantages and disadvantages.
  3. A glance of product.
    You must have noticed CBD products on the background of Instagram pictures or stories. This promotion method is the less aggressive, but it is also the less profitable.

Now you know everything you need to start making money being a CBD influencer. Join CBD Partners affiliate network: our dedicated support team will help you to become a full-time influencer!

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