How to profit by being a CBD influencer?

CBD influencer marketing
CBD influencer marketing

In 2020 influencers are everywhere. Taking photos in a local coffee shop with a tall latte or posing in high heels on the top of a mountain with a stunning view, they are sometimes looked as a symbol of success. Is being an influencer really a way to become rich and successful? Is this lifestyle actually as attractive and carefree? If you decided to begin making money in CBD advertising, you have probably wondered if you could be an influencer yourself. Let’s try to answer this question and figure out how to turn profit on the CBD market as an influencer.

Who exactly is an “influencer”?

Influencers, or social media influencers are people who have a strong presence on one or more social media platforms. This means they have an audience that follows their accounts and has potential to be influenced by their favorite creator to make some choices. These choices might be: what to eat for lunch, what clothes to wear and even what supplements to take. This is the power of an influencer: the ability to sway the audience’s opinion in favour of trying a new product or service or choosing a certain brand.

There are large influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers, as well as “microinfluencers”, who have a couple of thousands of followers. The size doesn’t even matter, it’s the user engagement that determines if you can profit from your social media account. If you have what it takes to create a loyal following, whether of a thousand or a million people, you might try to make some money with your account.

How to strike a good deal

So, if you have decided to try to monetize your social media presence and start promoting CBD, you need to find the products to promote. But first, you really need to educate yourself on both influencer marketing and the products you would like to promote. Starting off professionally will set you up for success in future. Not only will you be more convincing when promoting the product, you won’t sell your services short. We advise you to read about the available advertisers and their best selling products, find out what their affiliate terms and conditions are and choose the right brand for you.

When looking for brands and advertisers, consider partnering with CBD affiliate networks, such as Getting your offers from affiliate networks might be easy and beneficial for both beginners and advanced marketers. If you need any guidance, affiliate networks are often glad to help their affiliates succeed in attracting audiences to the brand’s deals. You might find promo codes, creatives for different platforms and promotional texts to help you promote the products available in CBD affiliate networks. The payment terms are usually flexible and you can build a mutually beneficial partnership that will help you move forward as a marketer.

Different ways of promotion

If you consider a career of a lifestyle blogger, you can advertise pretty much anything, and CBD products are not an exception. If you’re into beauty, there are plenty of CBD skincare brands that are on the rise. Even if you run a pet-themed channel, you can find a lot of brands that specialize in CBD for dogs.

You can create dedicated content by researching the topic if you are interested in the hemp industry. It’s a big niche and it attracts a lot of attention lately.

If you already have a social media presence or you would like to avoid getting into a narrow niche, it’s not a problem. You can advertise CBD products among other lifestyle goods and services.

While choosing what to post about and how to make CBD products you want to promote relevant to your content, don’t forget to follow the brands’ guidelines. As CBD is a health-related product, there are lots of regulations that control what might be deemed as a medical claim. And you need to stay away from any medical claims by any means. Big platforms such as Facebook are generally very careful about marketing CBD, so being careful is the key to staying in the game.

In our blog we frequently post about ways to promote on different social networks without the risk of being banned, so stay tuned and be informed.

Watch out for scams

So you’re all set up and you want to get partnered up with a company, but here’s something else you need to take into account. Always take your time to check thoroughly the company/network you are going to partner with. CBD is hot right now, so there are a lot of shady enterprises that would like to capitalize on it. Be it a fraudulent manufacturer or an MLM company, it’s better to stay away. Don’t believe in all the promises, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Remember that influencer marketing is not as easy as it might seem from the outside. You will need to put in lots of work to build your reputation, so don’t risk it by marketing dubious products or questionable schemes.


Creating social media presence is not a small task, so if you’re up for it, we wish you luck. Getting great offers to promote is the first step to being a successful CBD influencer. Sign up with CBD Partners to find the best deals and payouts that will help you start monetizing your social media pages. We always try to find the most attractive products on the market to cater to a variety of people, so make sure to check out our offers!

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