Earn more with CBD Partners Referral program

Making money with CBD affiliate network is great, but what if you had a chance to earn even more? With our referral program, it is possible! If you are ready to make the most of CBD Partners networks, join it today. With only a little effort, you can increase your income a lot.

We all tend to trust our friends, family, colleagues and fellow marketers. If you really enjoyed a cappuccino in a new coffee shop, found a trustful real-estate agent or a website with the best relationship advice, it is likely that you will recommend here and there. The same thing works with affiliate networks. You enter, you like it, you share opinion – and your referral link!

How it works

Referral program is a system that lets you get rewarded for every new affiliate who joins CBD Partners with your personal referral link.

CBD Partners referral commission is 5%. It is lifetime and will never be decreased. Still, your real income depends on how active your referrals are. Just imagine: you attracted 20 active users, and each of them was able to make $1,000. It means you get the same $1,000! The difference is they worked hard to promote CBD offers and optimise campaigns, while your income is passive and no-hassle.

We are also open to discuss better terms with CBD or medical marihuana website owners, and affiliate marketing influencers with big audience or contact base. 

Starting your referral campaign with CBD Partners affiliate network is easy. First, you need an approved account. If you do not have one yet, sign up here. Once you have it, log in and find REFERRALS in the upper menu. Click it to see your own, personal referral link.

CBD partners Referral program dashboard

Copy the Referrer link, then ask people to click it and sign up with CBD Partners.

Important! If they use any other link but your referrer one, such affiliates will not be listed as your referrals, and you will not get any commission from their income.

The same page will show the list of your referrals (emails), commission rate (usually 5%), and profit (your reward for a referral’s activity). 

Referral program rules

There is only one simple rule to follow if you want to join CBD Partners referral program: you must not make fake and double accounts. In case we find out you break the rules, you will be immediately banned.

At the same time, CBD Partners network has no restriction on how to promote your referral link. For example, your sources can be:

  • affiliate marketing forums
  • review websites
  • social networks
  • chats
  • email lists
  • CBD communities
  • business groups/communities
  • your own websites.

Feel free to use them all and even those not mentioned, to make a strong foundation for your passive income.

Potential strategies

Still wondering where to start? Try one of these potential strategies that can help you to become a super referrer or use them as an inspiration.

  1. Wright a review
    Affiliate networks review websites, forums and groups are among the most popular source to find new referrals. Write an honest review of CBD Partners network, mark our good and not so good sides, and do not forget to put your referral link so that people could follow it and sign up.
  2. Recommend us to the affiliate marketing community
    Business groups, forums and chats will help you here. Recommend our CBD affiliate network to those asking for advice or looking for ideas to start a new campaign. Remember to follow the rules and do not spam!
  3. Share your opinion on social networks
    Pick the option if you are sure there are other affiliate marketers among your audience. In this case, you will be able to interest them and make them join us.

Never hesitate to combine several different strategies, for it will bring you even more referrals.

Word of mouth should never be underestimated. Up to 50 percent of people make a decision based on previously heard or seen recommendations. That is why your referral link is so attractive for the affiliate marketers interested in working with skincare and cannabis offers. 

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