CPA vs CPS offers in CBD affiliate marketing

CPA and CPS are two pricing models used in CBD affiliate marketing. The first refers to Cost per Action, and the second stands for Cost per Sale. CBD Partners network has both CPA and CPS offers. Let’s see what the difference between these models is and which one to choose for your CBD affiliate campaign.

What is CPA

CPA, or cost per action, is a term widely used in digital marketing. It means that advertiser will pay only when user performs a particular action on a landing page.

CPA can refer to any action. Originally, it was used to distinguish a simple click (CPC, or cost per click) paying model from more complicated ones. With CPA, you don’t get rewarded for users clicking banners and viewing landing pages. You need to persuade them to complete a special task. Here are some examples of action laying under CPA term:

  • install an application
  • fill a form
  • sign up with some service
  • view several pages
  • make a purchase
  • download a file
  • submit a credit card data.

Although all of them are CPA, most of these actions can be gathered in smaller groups of pricing models.

  • CPI – cost per install. If user installs a mobile or desktop application, you will get a fixed revenue.
  • CPL – cost per lead. Service owners reward marketers who bring them new users.
  • CPS – cost per sale. Joining the service or registering for it is not enough. A needed action here is a purchase, or sale.

This brings us to a point where we will have a closer look on CPS.

What is CPS

CPS, or cost per sale, is an affiliate marketing pricing model that refers to any purchase. Once you persuaded user to buy something, you will achieve your reward. The reward can be fixed and non-fixed.

Fixed payout

Important! On CBD Partners CPS offers with fixed payouts are marked as CPA.

With a fixed one you get the same amount for any sale that meets advertiser’s terms and KPIs. The terms are very important, and you should always pay attention to them. When a CPS payout looks too attractive, check out the terms. Ordinarily, their conversion flow is trickier than one of a similar offer with non-fixed payout.

CPA CBD offers from CBD Partners affiliate network
CBD Partners CPA offers: fixed payout

Non-fixed payout

Non-fixed payout offers, also known as revenue share (revshare) offers, let you earn a fixed interest rate from any purchase. KPI and extra terms here are usually relatively mild.
There also are offers with lifetime commissions, meaning you will profit not only from the first sale of a user, but from all other sales as well. Read this CBD Partners article to learn more.

CPS CBD offers from CBD Partners affiliate network
CBD Partners CPS offers: non-fixed payout

Compare: Offer 1 has a fixed payout of $100 per conversion. Conversion flow includes:

  1. Redirecting users to a particular landing page.
  2. Making them order a particular product.
  3. Filling in their name, phone number, address and credit card data in the order form.

Offer 2 has a non-fixed payout of 30% per conversion. Conversion flow includes purchasing any product. Even if it costs as little as $10, you still get your reward.

You may wonder, if CPS works only with online CBD shops. The answer is no. Actually, there are so many various types of CPS that we are going to number only most popular ones:

  • acquisitions in mobile applications
  • monthly subscriptions for all kinds of online and offline services
  • buying bonuses in online game
  • updating to vip terms
  • paying for extra videos on webcam websites and many, many more.


Now you know CPS is a part of CPA in general. Therefore, technically there will always be CPA.
When we talk about CBD offers, CPA is usually more difficult to convert. Often, it pays more, but needs more skill and experience of a marketer. As the same time, being an experienced marketer, you are probably able to make a revshare campaign really profitable. At long last, you will judge on ROI, not on payout per conversion.

CBD Partners has the best converting CPS and CPA brands in CBD niche. We offer the highest rates and honest conversion flow: check out and start working with us today.

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