CBD Affiliate Programs to join in 2022

2020 cbd affiliate programs
2020 cbd affiliate programs

Earning with CBD as an Affiliate

The CBD market is rapidly growing giving more and more producers and sellers an opportunity to make big money. But they are not the only ones who can hugely profit from rising CBD sales: even if you don’t produce or sell the product, you have a great chance to earn money by means of Affiliate marketing. This niche is still in the development phase, but there are already plenty of options to choose from. In this article we would like to cover some of the best CBD Affiliate Programs you could join to maximise your profits.

What CBD Affiliate Programs to Join in 2022

When it comes to choosing the best Affiliate program to earn commissions with there is no universal answer, as the marketing strategies you might use can vary. Here is the short overview of the Affiliate programs considered to be the best on the market. You can choose one of them or combine two and more, at the end of the day it’s a matter of testing each individual solution to find the best one for you.

CBD Partners

CBD Partners is a rapidly growing CBD-oriented Affiliate network. It combines the best of two worlds: here you can find both in-house and top third party CBD offers. Real-time statistics and support team are great instruments for Affiliates’ success and are available upon sign up. Exclusive and in-house offers by CBD Partners give a great opportunity to earn with best products that aren’t available through other networks. Lifetime commission offers are available in the network as well. CBD Partners supports various popular payment methods.

In 2021, CBD Partners merged with Payv.com, and now all CBD offers are available to Payv affiliates along with other profitable verticals such as sweepstakes, crypto, gambling and more.

Payv.com Affiliate Program


CBDfx is one of the famous CBD shops selling high quality full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD products that has its own Affiliate program. They are based in the US and offer worldwide shipping. The products include drinks, vape juices, gift sets, sweets and many more. Great variety of products offers an opportunity for upselling and creating bundles for your customers. The site is very user-friendly and the check out process is straightforward, which ensures great conversion.

CBDfx Affiliate Program


CBDPure is a US-based CBD manufacturer that offers a wide range of CBD Products such as CBD oil, various creams, pet products and more. Wide range of products and notorious quality create a great base for success. The company is proud of its family-business vibe and products they farm in Colorado. They offer high commissions and promise best customer satisfaction.

CBDPure Affiliate Program

Anavii Market

Anavi Market hosts campaigns for many famous and reliable brands. It is a perfect chance to earn with the products the customers are already familiar with. The quality control is what the shop is most famous for.

Anavii Market Affiliate Program

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD offers cover many famous and reliable brands which gives publishers an opportunity to earn with the products the customers are already familiar with. It’s a multi brand shop that can help you diversify your offer portfolio. Diamond CBD also has an affiliate system to track the earnings and other statistics.

Diamond CBD Affiliate Program

CBD ReThink

All CBD ReThing products are manufactured in the USA. The brand offers its marketers a ranked Affiliate commissions system that helps you earn more if you are showing good results. The admission process is straightforward, though the program doesn’t offer an Affiliate area where publishers could track their earnings and statistics.

CBD ReThink Affiliate Program

American Shaman

All CBD American Shaman are 100% Organic, Gluten Free, Non GMO Hemp and has no heavy metals or insecticides. They are popular among the customers. They have an easy to join affiliate program with a dedicated affiliate link. Unfortunately, there are no tracking opportunities, but commissions are hefty.

American Shaman Affiliate Program

Avida CBD

Avida CBD promises great conversion rates and satisfied customers returning for more. They offer a lot of incentives for the top sellers and specially designed affiliate tools to help with marketing their CBD products that range from the oils to vape juices to topicals.

Avida CBD Affiliate Program


If you specialise in pet-themed traffic, Canna-Pet affiliate program is something you can profit from. Products that have great reputation are always a good idea for a diversified offer portfolio. Their affiliate program is Share-a-sale based, so if you are already a member, it will be easy to get approved.

Canna-Pet Affiliate Program


Receptra offers great CBD products and also great commissions for the affiliates. They have recently refreshed their branding and offer new creatives to boost the sales, so it’s a great chance to hop on their affiliate program.

Receptra Affiliate Program

Joy Organics

Joy Organics is a well-known brand and has a lot of satisfied customers. They have though a great growing potential still. Becoming an affiliate with Joy Organics is not very easy due to the strict vetting process. They prefer US-based affiliates. So if you are in US we recommend you registering with them.

Joy Organics Affiliate Program

Tips for CBD Affiliate Marketers in 2022

If you are ready to start making money with CBD Affiliate Programs we have some general tips for you to help you begin.

  1. Be informed about current trends and popular products. We do our best to put out all necessary information in our official blog.
  2. Always research the markets you want to enter, each country and even state may have different laws
  3. Don’t just rely on one successful marketing strategy: diversify your promo materials
  4. Be always ready to try something new to stay ahead of the game

This is of course not everything that is necessary to make money at the CBD scene, but we at Payv Affiliate Network will always keep you up to date with the CBD market news and expert tips. Best thing about Payv is we provide both our in-house offers and the top brands that we carefully choose for our affiliates to profit from. Your success means our success, that’s why we encourage you to sign up with Payv today and earn your first CBD commissions in the second quarter of 2022!

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