CBD Pre-lander: improve your performance

Every affiliate marketer is looking for a way to improve performance. Pre-lander is one of the tools that can boost your campaign’s conversion ratio.

Most of CBD Partners offers will redirect clicks to CBD shops or product pages. If your traffic is not highly targeted, there a small chance that the product will interest a potential buyer. According to the experienced marketers, you lose about 60% of your possible income when driving traffic directly! An attractive CBD pre-lander can fix it.

What is a pre-lander?

Before you start, it is important to distinguish two terms: lander and pre-lander.

Lander, or landing page, is a default campaign page made by advertiser. It is where users get after clicking a text link, or a banner. It is not as hard to make people click your links and banners, as to make them buy something. Even tons of traffic do not guarantee that you earn money. CBD Partners network does not pay its affiliates for clicks, it pays for sales.

Pre-lander, or pre-landing page, is a warming up step between your ad and a landing. It should be clear and contain the most important and relevant information about the advertised CBD product. Pre-lander is where potential buyers get ready for a purchase and decide if they should get an item or not. Will they click this big bright button or just click out? It depends on you.

Four tips to make an attractive CBD pre-lander

  1. An image can cost a hundred words.
    Never forget to use an image of your product. It should look nice and attract attention. Add more pictures to highlight the key features of a product for your audience. For example, if you focus on sports traumas, use a photo of a suffering athlete. Advertising CBD beauty patches? Place an attractive woman with healthy skin on your pre-lander.

  2. Build a sense of urgency.
    What makes people feel like there is no time to waste? Limited stock and limited time offers. Use both or any of them in your CBD affiliate campaign.

  3. Highlight the advantages of CBD.
    Depending on your angle, add images and stories highlighting the positive effect of CBD. Try one or several of the following
    • before/after images: make it obvious how CBD oil can improve one’s life
    • reviews and success stories: let people find a story similar to theirs
    • scientific information: use scientific and medical infographics to show that CBD oil is safe and to explain how it works
    • FAQ: add 3-5 most frequent questions about CBD, for example, who can use it, what is the recommended dose and whether it is legit

  4. Let them feel safe and secure.
    There are two sides of safety that potential consumers are usually concerned about.
    • The safety of product. Assure them that the advertised CBD oil is safe. People tend to purchase products that were not tested on animals, that are non-allergic, natural, vegan and gluten-free.

    • The safety of payment. Show them that the payment gateway is safe, that it is highly protected and that the shop is approved by major payment systems

Do I need a pre-lander?

It is not obligatory to use a pre-lander in your CBD affiliate campaign. If you have no time to make it, you can send traffic to a landing page. At the same time, CBD affiliate marketing is about making money. That means, a marketer who lays pre-landers aside, loses a part of potential income. Why do not use this tool in order to improve your cannabidioil campaign performance and earn more? Do not forget to split-test different CBD pre-landers in order to find out which works best.

How to make a pre-lander for a CBD campaign?

  1. Use your own knowledge and create it yourself.
  2. Order a custom pre-lander from a hired freelancer.
  3. Use a pre-landing page builder.

Whatever you choose for your campaign, make sure you pick the best paying CBD offers – on CBD Partners affiliate network!

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