CBD Phenomenon: why so popular?

What is CBD

CBD seems to be everywhere these days and it might seem like another fad that comes and goes as fast as the seasons change. What exactly is CBD and why it suddenly appears in everyday foods and products just now?
Let’s start from the origins. Most if not all CBD products bear a symbol of cannabis leaf which might give you the idea that it’s something connected to recreational drug use. It’s actually not. Well, only in the sense that CBD is one of 113 identified cannabinoids that can be found in cannabis plants. Unlike some other cannabinoids, CBD doesn’t have any psychotropic properties, which means it can’t be used to get high. Instead, it has a variety of health benefits that are only starting to get explored by the researchers.

Studies of the CBD effectiveness are ongoing, and various conditions, from mood disorders to chronic pain, are reported by the users to be alleviated thanks to CBD products. There are lots of CBD containing products, from pills to gummy bears, from face creams and shampoos to animal supplements and care products. It may be hard to navigate the emerging CBD scene. But here are some facts that will fill you in on the past, present and future of this young and ever growing phenomenon.

How CBD started

CBD has only become a buzz word in recent years, but it’s been there for a long time. While CBD was officially discovered around 80 years ago, it’s believed that CBD based remedies had been used way back in the past in some forms. In the 20th century it was tested extensively for the treatment of such ailments as epilepsy and showed promising results. However, it was on the fringes of society for the long years and the true popularity has come to the chemical only recently. Frequent misrepresentation and misunderstanding of CBD as something that’s not far from the illegal drug scene has kept it in the legislation limbo and in some jurisdictions it’s still explicitly forbidden to sell.

New legislations that are no older than 5 years gave CBD and CBD containing products new status in many countries and opened the way for its commercial success. Further research into cannabinoids and human Endocannabinoid system (human receptors that interactions with cannabinoid receptors) discovered the CBD curing potential that just can’t be missed and this sparkled the new interest in the medical community and people who were seeking for remedies for the illnesses largely ignored by the mainstream pharma companies. As the chemical itself is not that hard and expensive to obtain – it’s extracted from hemp, a close relative of the marijuana plant – the craze began and now CBD industry is booming in the countries and states where it’s not banned.

What CBD is used for

Looking at the products that are currently on the market you can assume there’s nothing that CBD doesn’t help with. First ancient reports of Chinese remedies for malaria, rheumatism and mental illness mention use of the cannabis plant. While historical reports are not the most reliable source of information, they still can tell us that people recognised the healing potential of the cannabis plant a long time ago. CBD products might help wide range of conditions include chronic pain, endometriosis, anxiety, Alzheimer’s and many many other illnesses. The research is still ongoing and there is no official approval for CBD products to be used as a treatment for the vast majority of these diseases and this opens a big marketing opportunity to sell CBD containing supplements for every condition imaginable.

Even animals are now being treated with specially formulated CBD products and their owners report positive results. Only time and serious research will show how effective CBD is for each of the illnesses, but consumers already rush to test products on themselves because they basically don’t risk anything: there are no documented side effects and the price of the products is generally very affordable. This makes CBD attractive even to the population with no medical conditions who are interested in wellness and healthy eating. CBD supplements offer a wide range of benefits: from improved sleep to better focus on the daily tasks. Topical treatments containing CBD promise better skin texture and anti-aging effect. There is a product for every demographic and every day new products emerge.

Markets and Future Prognosis

Now the CBD market might look like a wild west of products, services and marketing strategies to a naked eye, but this time is crucial for establishing the market presence and researching the public demand. Companies emerge and try to establish recognizable look and get loyal customers by creating innovative and at times bizarre products to stand out.

While this might resemble other online fads that come and go, CBD holds tremendous potential as a product. So it’s safe to assume that its popularity will only grow and the new regulations will allow more and more people to use all the benefits of CBD. This is due to the fact that first CBD based medications are starting to get approved for medical use. And serious pharma companies clearly see the potential of the chemical. This means that small players have less and less time to get on the bandwagon and take advantage of the relative freedom of the emerging market.

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Affiliate Network

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