CBD Affiliate Network vs CBD Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing network and affiliate program: sound similar, but do they really mean the same? Whether you are a brand owner looking for a way to promote your CBD product, or an affiliate marketer thinking about where to start, you need to understand how affiliate networks differs from affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an effective tool for brands and affiliates. What CBD producers gain here is a brand promotion: businesses report that affiliate marketing makes 23% of their revenues. CBD affiliates see it as a source of so-called passive income: in average, they earn $300 – $10,000 a day, depending on their skills and experience.

What makes it such a profitable tactics?

  1. First of all, “word of mouth”. Affiliate marketing widely uses this psychological tool. It works efficiently for social media influencers: potential customers tend to trust the recommendation of someone they know and see every day, even if it’s only on Instagram. 
  2. Second, opportunities. Usually, affiliate programs are open for every affiliate to join. This means, the whole squad can work hard in order to promote a single brand, and there is a high chance that they implement various marketing strategies and do their best to succeed.
  3. Third, balance. Affiliate marketing is very special: advertisers don’t have to pay for what they don’t want. They set the rules and point out what action will be rewarded (conversion flow), and how much (payout per conversion). At the same time, affiliates are free to pass a program with abnormally high requirements or too small payouts. It keeps the balance and profitability for both sides.

However, affiliate marketing is not homogeneous. CBD brands are not alike and take part in this gamу differently. While some of them enter one of the existing CBD affiliate networks, others build their own affiliate programs. So what’s the difference?

CBD Affiliate Program

Affiliate program is a way of promoting your own CBD brand. Typically, information about affiliate program is placed on the seller’s website.
Running an affiliate program is not an easy thing. In needs financial, technical and human resources to manage, promote it and attract new affiliates.

CBD affiliate program: how it works
Affiliate program: how it works

In general, affiliate program includes three acting sides:

  1. A CBD company that rewards affiliates.
  2. Affiliates promoting CBD brand.
  3. Customers, who even may have no idea they are a part of the affiliate marketing chain.

CBD Affiliate Network

CBD affiliate networks have their interest in reward paid by merchants and they unite CBD brands (and programs) together, so that affiliates can choose between wider ranges of CBD offers. Networks also help companies to outsource all the functions needed to be a part of the affiliate marketing. Thus, brands that have no intention of creating their own affiliate programs can benefit too.

CBD affiliate network: how it works
Affiliate network: how it works

Here is what distinguishes CBD affiliate program and network:

  • programs are one-brand only, while networks represent lots of CBD companies;
  • networks provide marketers with useful tools: banners, landing pages, TDS systems;
  • networks’ support knows every side of affiliate marketing and can guide even a beginner, while programs remain more self-service.

So, normally, if you are not a super fan of a particular brand, it is better to join a CBD affiliate network or even several networks. Unlike a CBD affiliate program, network obtains more options for a professional marketer.

Do you want to learn more? This CBD Partners blog article highlights other advantages of joining an affiliate network for both CBD merchants and affiliates.

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