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General information about CBD.
Here you can find everything you need to know about CBD (or Cannabidiol) to start successful career as a CBD affiliate.
We find the latest and most relevant information about the laws and regulations. It can help you navigate the confusing landscape of some countries.
Would you like to know if you can promote CBD in your country? Are you interested in the age of the audience yo should target? We have you covered.
Keeping up with the market trends and creating educational articles we serve many purposes. As a CBD affiliate network we are interested in helping our affiliates become more knowledgeable. We also are interested in a public that knows a lot about CBD because the educated customer is the best customer.
There is of course already a lot of information about CBD online. But we strive to filter and choose the most relevant pieces for CBD advertising.
If you need any information about CBD you can’t find here, please address your affiliate manager or our support team. We will be happy to prepare the digest for you.

CBD Phenomenon: why so popular?

What is CBD CBD seems to be everywhere these days and it might seem like another fad that comes and goes as fast as the seasons change. What exactly is CBD and why it suddenly appears in everyday foods and products just now?Let’s start from the origins. Most if not...