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Affiliate marketing advice and information for CBD niche.
In CBD Partners Affiliate network blog we provide latest news and best CBD Products marketing tips and tricks. By reading our posts you can improve your chances to make money selling and promoting CBD products online.
Creating articles, reviews and other content on topic online CBD Advertising we educate both our publishers and advertisers on the best marketing strategies.
We touch on latest trends as well as tired and true promotion methods that has been in use for decades and still are relevant in 2020.
We describe the work process of our own CBD Affiliate network. Also we research best CBD advertising strategies and practices all over the online CBD products market.
In our blog we accumulate the best knowledge already available online as well as create innovative content that helps inform our affiliates about CBD marketing.
CBD Partners is always ready to explore topics that are interesting to our publisher base. So if you request any topic that would help you improve your experience as an affiliate. We are ready to research and create an article just for you (and thousands of our readers who also wonder about the same CBD market related topics).
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How to start making money being a CBD influencer?

Unlike usual bloggers, CBD influencers see making money as the main aim of their online activity. Social media followers form an interested and involved audience trusting their opinion, and this audience is ready to listen to their advice. The question is how to monetize followers. In this post you will...


Ways to monetize your health and wellness blog

In accordance with a V12 research, in 2019 Americans spent to $276.5 billion on healthy food and nutrition. The decade market growth is 108%. It means there could be no better timing to start earning with your health and wellness blog! As already stated in our article about monetizing a...


Making money with CBD Blog

If you run a CBD blog, you must have already thought about how to monetize it. There are various ways of making money with the CBD blog, but all they have one important condition: you need traffic. With an interested, active audience that shares your passion, it will not be...


CBD Affiliate Network vs CBD Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing network and affiliate program: sound similar, but do they really mean the same? Whether you are a brand owner looking for a way to promote your CBD product, or an affiliate marketer thinking about where to start, you need to understand how affiliate networks differs from affiliate programs....


CPA vs CPS offers in CBD affiliate marketing

CPA and CPS are two pricing models used in CBD affiliate marketing. The first refers to Cost per Action, and the second stands for Cost per Sale. CBD Partners network has both CPA and CPS offers. Let’s see what the difference between these models is and which one to choose...

Types of CBD Affiliates 0

Types of CBD Affiliates and how to become one

If you wonder, if there is a way for you to become a CBD affiliate, this article is for you. As CBD-containing products become more and more popular because of their alleged effects, many of you may aspire to make money on the trend. But what if you don’t produce...

SEO tips for CBD affiliate campaign 0

SEO tips for CBD promotion

SEO campaign is one of the ways to promote CBD affiliate offers. Our tips will help to improve your CBD promo campaign performance. With our SEO tips you will learn how to get higher search results position of your affiliate CBD webpage, get better campaign performance, improve your CTR and start earning more. We are also...


Earn more with CBD Partners Referral program

Making money with CBD affiliate network is great, but what if you had a chance to earn even more? With our referral program, it is possible! If you are ready to make the most of CBD Partners networks, join it today. With only a little effort, you can increase your...

Most cost effective CBD marketing strategies 0

7 Most Cost-Effective CBD Marketing Strategies

Since the global pandemic largely forced the commerce efforts to move online more and more CBD brands started developing new marketing strategies to stand out. It’s never been more important to be on top of all possible online marketing channels, because it’s simply impossible to acquire customers any other way...