Can you advertise CBD on Facebook?

Advertising CBD on Facebook tips and strategies

When it comes to choosing the best traffic source for you CBD offers advertising, Facebook seems to be the perfect one. Above all, it is the most popular social network with 3 billion active users worldwide. However, there are questions affiliate marketers usually ask.  Is CBD allowed on Facebook? Can I promote CBD offers on Facebook? What are the best strategies for CBD campaigns? CBD Partners network has the answers for you.

Facebook rules on CBD 

First of all, there is no rule that directly bans CBD. When it comes to cannabidiol regulation, Facebook implements its policy concerning medical marijuana.

It states that you cannot promote, buy, sale, gift or exchange such products. Facebook ads moderation will never approve a campaign with an image of cannabis.  The same goes for text ads including words cannabis, marijuana, CBD and cannabidiol. No one can advertise inhalable or ingestible CBD products on Facebook or Instagram.

This rule caused a rising discontent among CBD sellers, considering that low THC hemp products are legal in many countries, including huge US market. It was only a matter of time for Facebook to soften its rules. Finally, in July 2019, the official spokesman informed Digiday that Facebook allows non-ingestible hemp promotion.

Can I promote CBD offers on Facebook?

In short, yes, you can. Is CBD advertising allowed on Facebook? Yes, it is! You can advertise any CBD cosmetics, topicals, and beauty products (creams, lotions patches, etc.)
For example, here are some of CBD Partners offers for your Facebook campaign. Moreover, If you need deep particular links for topicals, simply ask your account manager to add them.

And what about CBD oil? Is it prohibited to promote CBD oil offer on Facebook? In general, yes. For now the social network’s rules forbid hemp oil campaigns. However, you can drive traffic to a website (not a landing page!) selling not only topicals, but also CBD oil. This brings us to the next part, where we will share several strategies of CBD offers promotion on Facebook.

CBD offers promotion strategies

Facebook group

You can start a CBD campaign from creating a Facebook group. In the meantime, it will let you build an active community, interested in CBD products. Just remember that all Facebook rules should be followed. Here are three tips to help you:

  • First, post educational information about CBD.
  • Second, avoid all kinds of sales proposals.
  • Finally, share personal stories/opinions.

Facebook group can become your main traffic source in the near future, when they allow advertising CBD oils and other products with no restrictions.

Facebook ads

In accordance with eMarketer research, Facebook ads is the most profitable way of advertising on this social network for 96% of marketers. 

You already know you can run a Facebook ads CBD campaign. Let’s now highlight some crucial points. If you do not follow them, you will not get a campaign approval, and if you do it several times in a row, you can even lose your account.

  1. Make sure not to use forbidden words and images. Blacklisted words are:  marijuana, cannabis, CBD, cannabidiol, hemp. Blacklisted images include parts of marijuana and hemp plants.
  2. Accurately check your landing page. It should not promote or sale inhalable or ingestible products: vape juices, CBD oils, edibles, etc.
  3. If you promote your CBD group, it should not be dedicated to selling, buying or exchanging of CBD, marijuana and hemp products.

Pre-landing page

When running an allowed CBD campaign on Facebook, you need to send your traffic to a pre-lander, before redirecting it to offer’s landing page. Make it look attractive and professional. In order to warm up your audience, use high-quality images and phrases that will evoke users emotionally. Check out this blog post if you need more pre-landing page inspiration ideas.


Cloaking on Facebook

If you don’t want to wait for Facebook to allow CBD oil promotion officially and are ready to take a risk, try cloaking. Cloaking is a grey marking technique that creates two different ad campaign destinations: one for Facebook ads moderators and another for ‘normal’ users.  Usually, two website versions are placed on the same domains. A cloaking solution enables you to set up which versions will be shown to one or another audience group.

IMPORTANT! Cloaking is strictly prohibited. If Facebook finds out you are cloaking a landing page that breaks company’s policy, your account will be banned. In other words, you will have to start the journey from the very beginning.


There are many traffic channels an affiliate marketer can use. For CBD campaigns, things are a little more complicated. Some paid advertising networks restrict hemp oil promotion, and Facebook does the same. Nevertheless, the times are changing. Today you can promote CBD on Facebook, if we speak about topicals. So why waste your time? Join CBD Partners and start your Facebook campaign today!

Looking for more traffic sources for a successful CBD affiliate campaign? Go check our SEO tips for CBD promotion.

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