7 Best Delta-8 Affiliate Programs to promote in 2021 [updated]

For cannabis affiliate marketers, definitely Delta-8 products are definitely a rising star in 2021. Gaining popularity with incredible speed, Delta-8 THC is spreading on the market. Many reputable CBD brands have recently added Delta-8 THC items to their stores, and new Delta-8 THC brands show up on the market nearly every week. Which means, affiliate marketers will be jumping in to promote Delta-8 affiliate programs, and then the stores will be competing for affiliates with high traffic.

What is Delta-8 THC?

If you’re reading this article, you probably already know all about Delta-8, so we’ll keep it quick. Delta-8 is the most closest THC analog, and, unlike THC Delta-9, it is legal in the US. Delta-8 is a rare cannabinoid, because it is naturally found in cannabis plant in tiny amounts. But Delta-8 it can be extracted from cannabis plant using certain extraction and processing methods. Most consumers agree that Delta-8 products do produce a high, but less than the Delta-9 THC high. That is why Delta-8 products are often marketed as “new legal high” aiming for those who are looking for mind altering effects. However, many people buy Delta-8 carts, edibles and tinctures because of the potent analgesic properties of Delta-8 THC.

Best Delta-8 THC affiliate programs of 2021

Now, if you already have experience in cannabis affiliate marketing, now is the right time to make some extra money on Delta-8. Have been doing commissions on CBD products? Add some content about Delta-8, while the night is still young, and you’re the king.

We prepared for you the list of top Delta-8 affiliate programs ready to pay good commissions if you bring them customers:

1. Delta Effex Affiliate Program

This is one of the most generous Delta-8 affiliate programs to join. It offers 35% commission on the first sale, and 5% on sale made by returning customer. You’ll also get 15% if you bring a customer who buys subscription. Delta Effex manufactures Delta-8 carts, gummies, tinctures, and has recently added to their store Delta 8 THC infused hemp flowers. Delta Effex runs its affiliate program on Higherintel network platform.

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2. Direct Delta 8 Shop Affiliate Program

Direct Delta 8 Shop is a e-commerce marketplace for all things Delta-8. They run their affiliate program on CJ Affiliates. The benefit of joining its affiliate program is access to different kinds of Delta-8 products to fit your affiliate content. However, the commission on sale is quite low, 10%. Cookie window is 45 days.

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3. Moonwlkr Affiliate Program

Moomwlkr offers a great selection of CBD, Delta-8 products, as well as custom cannabinoid blends. They offer to their affiliates 15% lifetime commission, which means, you will be getting profit from all purchases of your referrals every time they shop on Moonwlkr.

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4. The CBDism Affiliate Program

The CBDism is a Houston based brand that offers large collection of CBD and CBG products, and recently added Delta-8 vape carts to their products list. CBDism has their affiliate program on Payv Affiliate Network, which in early 2021 merged with CBD Partners Affiliate Network and now has a large collection of cannabis brands under one roof. For CBDism, a commission of 21% on sale and 90 days cookie are offered, and it’s possible to get a commission raise if you make a good profit.

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The next two brands also run their affiliate programs on Payv.

5. Delta-8 Pharma Grade Affiliate Program

This store called Delta-8 Pharma Grade has it all: Delta-8 flowers and pre-rolls, various gummies, a tincture, dabs and a Delta-8 flower spray to infuse CBD flowers with Delta-8 THC. The brand offers 21% commission to its affiliates with a 90-days cookie window.

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6. Rollo Hemp Affiliate Program

Rollo Hemp is a Delta-8 cigarettes brand. Customers can buy Delta-8 cigarettes per packs or per cartons. This is a rare Delta-8 product and it will make a great addition to any Delta-8 products affiliate review, and it is also quite an easy keyword for affiliates to work on, at least for now. 21% commission on sale + 90 days cookie lifetime.

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7. Hempire Direct Affiliate Program (upd: permanently closed)

Update: the store was shut down without notifying their affiliates and did not pay any earnings.

Hempire Direct was one of the first brand to market Delta-8 products. They sell all kinds of Delta-8 goods: carts, flowers, tinctures, gummies, softgels, dabs and distillates. To its affiliates, Hempire Direct offers 5% lifetime commission on sale, which means, you’ll get same 5% for every purchase made by customers that you brought to the store, lifetime. Hempire Direct will also provide you with a unique promo code. That being said, 5% if a low reward, however, the store claims that they have great customer retention rate and most of the customers you bring, will buy many times.

Keep in mind that Hempire Direct offers only these payment options: Venmo, Cash App and store credit. If you are not in the US, it may be problematic to get paid.

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