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CBD Advertising: Overview

CBD is on the rise all over the world thanks to the promise of the great health benefits and relative affordability of the products. In the countries where CBD sales are unregulated producers and marketers enjoy a wide range of advertising options. Others try to stay with the law while putting their products out there. Either way there is a lot of competition and staying relevant and creative is the key to success.

In CBD niche you simply cannot use the same tactics for two or more years in row and still increase the sales. So we are going to find out what relevant techniques are there in 2020 you can profit from. However, there are some basic principles that we as marketers should not overlook while following the trends. The fact that something worked well for others doesn’t mean it will work well for you. It takes a keen eye to spot an opportunity among fads. So if you are in the CBD advertising game and want to succeed, hers is something we want you to know.

What Makes a Solid CBD Advertising Campaign


First of all it’s important to understand the market you are trying to target. From the laws and regulations to the traditions and consumer preferences, there are no two markets that have identical consumer profiles. Be sure to read about the companies that already are on the market and research their marketing practices. If you are one among the few who venture into a country or a region, be weary. This might mean you are entering a twilight zone of not explicitly forbidden, but not allowed CBD distribution.

This doesn’t mean you should give up on your chosen market, just make sure to learn all technicalities. Same with the advertising portals: make sure to read all the rules concerning CBD ads. While it might be allowed to advertise CBD, it’s sometimes forbidden to use certain images or language in your copy. Be prepared to ditch the cliches like cannabis leaves.

We have an article that covers basics of CBD, please read it to find out more.


While younger people frequently buy online and they are an epitome of the ideal audience, we shouldn’t overlook the older population. After all, many of the CBD products fall under the “Health and Wellness” category that is popular among the ageing internet users. It’s tempting to create cool and hype-y landings to target millennials, but we advise you to take a look at the possibility of catering to a more conservative public. Emphasise health benefits and the healing potential, not the connection with weed smoking culture. Because wellness is the key to attracting middle-aged and senior audiences.

Everytime you’re thinking about a marketing strategy for a certain brand, try to decide what audience is it better to target. If you want to pay for ad campaigns on different ad platforms, for example, in social media apps, take into consideration the preferences of your target audience. There are so many apps and sites now that it’s impossible to know who uses what just based on your own experience. So don’t forget to read about the platforms and specifics of their demographic not to spend marketing budgets on targeting the wrong crowd.


Diversification is one of the things that might be a key to the campaign’s success. There are lots of types of CBD products that are available. If you weren’t successful with the traditional oil or supplements, try gummies or other edibles, bath bombs or various other beauty products. While your audience might not be interested in health, they might be interested in something else, like beauty and self care. Because the more products you have to choose from, the more likely there will be something that catches the eye of your visitors.

Don’t stop exploring the variety of CBD products: they cover more and more niches and thus increase the possibility of finding the eager buyers for anything from chocolate to pet supplements. And even CBD-infused clothing is now a thing! As usual, be careful and not follow every fad there is. Most of them are simply exploiting the popularity of the CBD without any added value. However, some products are popular among the public and have promising future because of their alleged effects.


It’s important to create value for a customer, and nowadays it’s not enough to just provide a product. It’s always a great bonus to have health-related information, detailed reviews and even entertainment content for your visitors, not just ads. Build an audience that will want to return to your site or blog over and over. It is the great way of ensuring your long-term success. Not bombarding the passers by with countless ads. This only makes a user want to close your tab and never open it again.

When it comes to social media you can’t go wrong with getting the audience engaged, and this is a topic for its own article. So we won’t be trying to cover it in a lot of detail here. It’s necessary to watch all the trends and use the ones that help keep the audience interested.

Even if you are not a social media influencer yourself, it’s possible to collaborate with the bloggers that have an audience that might be interested in the products you’re marketing. Numbers of followers and engagement percent are not everything. If you know an influencer’s audience is not your perfect match it’s better to pass them. If their followers are, for example, underage or is primarily from the country with no legal CBD market it would be impossible to convert them into leads.

Creating engaging and educational content is no small task, it takes time and resources. If you’re starting from scratch, expecting immediate results is simply unrealistic. So consider partnering with established creators to boost your social media presence and brand identity.

CBD Advertising: Summary

Advertising successfully is a hard yet a very rewarding task. If you are only starting getting everything right from the very beginning is not easy. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t hit the jackpot with your very first campaign. Give yourself some time to get familiar with the scene and partner with reliable advertisers and traffic sources.

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