Affiliate Marketing for CBD products advertising

Affiliate Marketing for CBD Products Advertising
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Affiliate Marketing Today

CBD products advertising is among the popular marketing niches in 2020. When researching different ways to advertise online you will inevitably come across Affiliate Marketing. It is a solid staple in almost every big brand’s advertising strategy. It is still one of the very effective tools of reaching out to the new audience so no wonder it stays relevant for many years. If applied correctly, Affiliate Marketing can bring countless benefits to a seller on a budget and a corporate giant alike. In this article we would like to point out the strategies that would ensure the success of your Affiliate Marketing campaigns if you decide to go ahead and try starting one.

Let’s imagine a situation where you are a seller with a product who wants to get customers through the Affiliate Marketing channel. Here is what you should know.

Advertising online

Getting your product out there has never been easier than now. Just create a website or a social media page, describe all great properties of your product and here you have it: now anybody can shop your online store freely. But here is the problem: it’s so easy, everybody does it and there are just too many products online to navigate through. This competition can’t be won just by offering a quality product at a reasonable price. If you’re not visible, you won’t be found by your customers. “The Visibility” in terms of the online sales world is being featured in reviews and mailing lists, written about in blogs, told about in videos and podcasts, recommended by notorious online personas. Seems like a lot of work! And establishing a brand presence really is.

If you want to make it as a seller online it’s not an option, it’s a must. We need to keep in mind numerous marketing channels and advertising formats, because success today is all about diversity. It’s simply impossible to be good at everything at once: if you specialize in creating a great product, there is a chance you have no time for running an ad campaign from scratch. There are numerous options for the sellers who want to market their products ranging from free or very cheap DIY campaigns to all inclusive advertising packages that cost millions. So where is Affiliate Marketing among those?

We have an article that covers basics of CBD, please read it to find out more.

How is Affiliate Marketing Different from Other Forms of Advertisement

Affiliate marketing is defined by Wikipedia as a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. One of the big bonuses of Affiliate Marketing is the “buy now – pay later” model. This means only the actual sales provided by an affiliate’s efforts are paid for by the seller and usually there is no need for the prepayment. Because of this sellers bear less risks when dealing with such campaigns. It’s a definite plus for those who are at the very start of their business and don’t have lots of funds to throw into ad campaigns that might not even work out at the end of the day.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing

You simply don’t lose anything even if you get no real sales: isn’t that a dream? Sure, it is. That’s why a lot of brands establish their own Affiliate Programs. But actually you don’t need to even establish anything: there are Affiliate Networks that will set up your campaigns for you for a cut of your profit. And this is what’s so attractive about this type of advertising: you can delegate managing your ad campaigns without the need to hire entire departments or allocate exorbitant budgets to pay for the agencies’ services.

Basically Affiliate Marketing via a Network allows a seller to save money and get a professional ad campaign at the same time. That’s why it’s such an attractive option for both established brands and newer players who are only making the first steps on the market. Even if you apply some other marketing instruments, using a tool that is essentially risk-free would never hurt. The great bonus of working with a specialised Affiliate Network is a chance to get insight from a team of professionals who are ready to support you in your endeavour.

Will Affiliate Marketing Work for me as a CBD Seller?

Yes, it will… if you do it correctly, of course. It may be quite confusing for a person without any prior knowledge in online advertising and promotion, but we urge you to dig into the topic to get some basic knowledge about different metrics, models and strategies that can be essential for you to navigate the world of Affiliate Marketing. Haven’t yet heard of CPA, CPC, revenue share, eCPM and conversion rates? Fear not, we are going to post the articles that will cover the basics and terminology as well as frequently asked questions.

CBD Products Advertising with Affiliate Networks

If you are already familiar with online advertising and now you’d like to apply it to your CBD product, there are still things you need to consider before you begin. Every niche has its own specific traits that are important to take in consideration. Many CBD products manufacturers and sellers face problems with a lot of famous advertising platforms because of the grey status of CBD products advertising. You can’t simply start an ad campaign with a big social network or a search engine today in 2020, so it makes the life of both sellers and marketers both complicated. It’s not that easy to keep up with all the latest updates and trends, so sometimes it’s better to delegate these worries to a Network (or even Networks) who will do it all for you for a fair reward.

Usually a CBD Affiliate Network will ask for a commission on each sale brought in by the efforts of the Network (CPS) and there are different commission types possible. There are one-time and life-time commissions options to consider: you decide whether you are after a new influx of clients or interested in loyal return clients. Sometimes it’s reasonable to establish a fixed rate for a sale or create a progressive commission scale: every case is unique and the 


As you understand, we are all for giving Affiliate Marketing a try if you haven’t yet, especially if you are a player in the CBD niche. There is simply no downsides to trying it out and the reward can be just awesome.

The ultimate advice we can give is to choose the partners wisely on your Affiliate Marketing journey. Successful cooperation starts with mutual trust and open communication, proceeds with professional support and results in profits for both the seller and the marketer.

Creating Affiliate Marketing success stories for CBD sellers is our mission here at We invest in marketing research, software development and great support because we know that our Client’s success is ultimately our success.  

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