7 Most Cost-Effective CBD Marketing Strategies

Most cost effective CBD marketing strategies

Since the global pandemic largely forced the commerce efforts to move online more and more CBD brands started developing new marketing strategies to stand out. It’s never been more important to be on top of all possible online marketing channels, because it’s simply impossible to acquire customers any other way right now. If you are a brand owner or a marketer wondering how to spend your online marketing budget in 2020, take a look at the top 7 strategies for marketing CBD products online we have chosen for you.

Social media

According to this New York Times article, overall technology use during the time of lockdown has increased tremendously. Facebook, for example, receives 27% more traffic than it used to. And it’s no surprise: people are mostly stuck at home without possibility to see friends or relatives. So they turn to the next best thing: socializing online. This is a perfect opportunity to let people know about your brand and build a social media audience that can possibly turn into customers. Though popular social media platforms have their own restriction when it comes to CBD products promotion, there are certainly ways you can advertise even on facebook. We have an article detailing the ways to safely advertise your product on the socials.

Content marketing

Creating engaging and entertaining content takes a lot of effort but it does pay off, because large brands rely heavily on this method. Creating value not just in the product itself, but in the information and entertainment helps retain the loyal audience. This might be not the quickest and easiest way of turning the profit, but in the long run it proves to be really cost effective. Creating educational materials that tell people how to use the product and adding a bit of entertainment is a great way to establish an engaging online presence that is destined to drive sales for many years. Check out the article we have that touches on the content creation.

Influencer marketing

If creating your own content is not something you would like to do and you prefer to focus on production and other aspects of your business, let your content be outsourced to the people who specialize in doing it – social media influencers. Partnering with a content creator who already has a stable audience is a great opportunity to get sales quick. If an influencer has built trust with the fans you don’t have to convince them any further, they will be most likely willing to buy the product promoted by their favorite page. Though finding a right match inside the influencer world is sometimes difficult and brands and marketers should do their due diligence and check if the followers are real, it does pay off. It’s also possible to contact a specialized agency that will help manage the relations with influencers. So if you would like to save your time on content production and boost your online presence immediately, we would advise to turn to influencer marketing.


SEO, or search engine optimization, is a tried-and-true marketing strategy. It’s been around for many years before the idea of social media has even existed. SEO efforts consist of increasing the organic presence of a brand in the search results in google and the likes of it. It might seem outdated to some, as people have been steadily moving from the web to mobile apps in the last years. But the current pandemic has also caused the dwindling desktop computer traffic to pick up again: people are not on the go anymore. It’s now possible to experience the web the old way: through a larger computer monitor. This makes SEO marketing efforts relevant again: web presence is crucial to drive revenues. If you used to do SEO a few years back and now would like to return to this method, we advise that you check if your favorite strategies are still relevant: things change fast in the world of SEO. Educate yourself and stay on top of the SEO game, we will definitely have a separate article dedicated to SEO, so stay tuned.

Email marketing

Email is another classic way of promotion that has remained relevant for decades. Quality email lists still bring in profits today, that’s why both small and large companies still rely on them to stay in touch with clients. Building a list is a serious task, so be patient and persistent. Other marketing channels, lik social media and content marketing should help in this: make sure all your pages actively call to join your mailing list. Once your list is ready, don’t rush to bombard your audience with ads and deals. Remember that people have subscribed because of the value your emails add, and keep it up. Again, it’s time to invest into quality content that will keep the audience clicking these links and buying these products. Adding a promo code to your is a great way to attract more sales and make the audience stay on your list.

Of course, email marketing is much more than a separate email. There should be a compelling strategy that works inside the larger scope of your marketing effort.

Push notifications and SMS

Smartphones are always nearby. There is hardly any person that doesn’t have it at hand at all times. That’s why reaching customers through messages and notifications is so tempting. But be careful: it’s just too easy to overdo when it comes to push notifications. At some point all these great deals you would like to offer your customers become a constant stream of annoying noise that is destined to be ignored and muted. Make sure you really add value with your messages and space them out generously. 

If you run an SMS marketing campaign make sure you have all necessary permissions and the users you target have opted in. Stray away from cheap lists of phone numbers gathered nobody knows how if you don’t want any trouble!

Affiliate marketing

Are you having a hard time determining your marketing strategy? Do you have a limited budget and want to try different promo methods? Think about turning to affiliate marketing! You can get affiliates who run different promo methods on board and let them do everything for you for the share of the sales they bring in. Talking about how cost effective this strategy is, we should note that there’s usually no upfront costs and there’s little to no risk if you use an established affiliate network to host your campaign. It makes sense for the larger brands to create an affiliate program of their own, but teaming up with an existing affiliate program is a great way to begin. The staff will be glad to consult you and help with onboarding. You don’t need to be very knowledgeable in different promo methods, because usually a network takes it upon themselves to find the relevant strategies for your brand.

Here at CBD Partners we are always ready to get new brands on board and start driving traffic their way as soon as possible. Sign up or contact us to get started!If you are an affiliate we welcome you to check out our brand portfolio. Feel free to sign up with CBD Partners today and earn your CBD commissions with the best brands on the market!

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